Monday, March 10, 2014

3/9/14 Oyotunji SC

Oyotunji; Sheldon SC

     Welcome to Oyotunji,  North America, situated just outside Sheldon SC.  Established in 1970, at its peak it was home to approximately 250 people.  In the spirit of Secessionville SC, a small town that seceded from Charleston in the early 1800's and the nearby Secession House in Beaufort where the beginnings of the civil war took place, it would appear that the Oyotunji have seceded as well.

     Most of the villagers were gone to a pow-wow at another location this weekend, so I didn't get to meet many folks.  I did shoot a few photos though.  I understand that this was the first of 12 Yoruba temples established in the United States.

     I met Baba, who told me if I would return tomorrow at 4 pm I could get a tour of the village.  I look forward to understanding the culture a bit better.

     First robin of the year - in the same photo with the first bumble bee of the year.  The animals just aren't waiting any longer for spring.  Blossoms should be at their peak in three to four weeks.

     I spent a few hours with Maluwa from yesterday, trying to help her get a few photos that can be used for promotions.  She is fasting 21 days in preparation for recording some of her music.  I was able to listen to a few of her songs, and she has a good sound.

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