Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday 1/31/14 Port Royal fishery

     I was able to spend the night at David Russel's in Bluffton, and catch up on laundry, etc this morning.  I headed backward a bit - I am in Port Royal Sound area on Lady Island.  One of those who get this blog, Pat, had emailed me a few weeks back that she would love to have me connect with this area.  

     This evening I stopped by a spot where I saw some shrimp boats on Port Royal.  Supposedly there is a big fishing boat coming in tomorrow with Tuna, Mahi Mahi  and  Swordfish.  I met Jim Buddy who prepares boxes on skids to transport the fish inland from the pier.  One fish per box.  I am going to try to make it back in the morning to get some shots of the catch.

     I like the second shot - you can see his shadow making another box.  I also met Jim Guntner and Ben Knowlton who operate the Tremalee, the biggest shrimp boat at the dock.  I hope to get back there tomorrow and speak with the two of them a bit more - maybe we can learn a bit about shrimping.

There were a few boats around that have seen better times.  Look closely at the first one - it is still hooked to its anchor line but flipped upside down.  That's a real bad day for somebody.

     Sunset was kind to me for a few shots . . .

     ..then I was on to Pat's house, where she fed dinner to two of her friends and I and we went to see a visiting choir from Columbia.  Awesome choir.  Anyway, more on Pat, Lady Island and Port Royal tomorrow.  

All have a great Saturday !!


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