Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday 1/26/14

          Beautiful sunrise at Haig Point on Daufuskie Island.  It was one of those occasions that I couldn't stop clicking the shutter button.  Not a lot of sea-bird action, but the rest was awesome.  The ferry that runs to Haig Point came out as the sun was rising, and some manner of hawk roosted close-by on a tree. 


      Later, Wes Loper, the manager of food services for Melrose on the Beach and The Beach Club at Melrose took me up to their equestrian center to shoot some pics.  He has an awesome dog - very intelligent and trained with hand signals.  Also pictured, Jody and her daughter both work at the restaurant and had fun using my camera while I ate.  Jody raises three daughters, four horses. . I lost count when they started talking dogs, cats, goats, cows etc. 

     Close by in a barn were two old carraiges - and they are in pretty good shape.  I couldn't get them out to get good pictures of them, but you can get the idea.  I don't know the history of them, I will try to find out tomorrow.

     Anyway, I am about thirty five hundred shots behind on editing and have two interviews tomorrow, which will leave me five articles behind on writing.  But Daufuskie has been a great place.  I have a feeling this is not my last time here . . .

All have a great Monday

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