Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday 1/23/14

     I love the patterns left on the beach after a strong tide.  Each one is unique - and every time the tide comes back in it erases the previous design in order to deposit a new masterpiece.  This morning the rising tide work its way through each furrow as it obeys the pull of the moon.  The beach was beautiful in the muted light as well.

     Then I was off to shoot some shots of the swimming pool at Melrose point.  Fredrico helped me put up the umbrellas so that the shots would look like summertime.  He got quite the laugh out of my 300 pounds swaying precariously on a ten foot ladder.  I re-paid him by telling him he looked like a bandito.  

     Then it was off to Haig Point, another sub-community of Daufuskie Island.  There is so much there to shoot - well, there is so much beauty all over Daufuskie.  Here are a couple.  The one beach there is about fifty percent shells, and the dunes are just huge piles of shells.  It was neat, but you wouldn't want  to walk on it in bare feet.

     When driving by the horse barns at Haig Point, I spotted the fattest cattle egrets I have ever seen.  Must be good eatin' for those birds.  I finished tonight by going back to the abandoned hotel.  At night there is no one around for a long ways, and it is creepy quiet in the ballrooms.  There is a piano with a broken cover in a corner of one of the rooms that overlooks the ocean.  Surprisingly it is in pretty good tune.  

     It is surreal, in complete blackness inside a huge ballroom playing a piano after dark.  As the tunes echoed throughout the chamber I got goose bumps more than once.  But I finished up playing Rogers and Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.  Any self-respecting ghost has to love that tune.  As the last note finished echoing through the halls into the night, I thought I heard a few squirrels chattering their approval.  Might have been restless orbs, but I am going with squirrels.  


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