Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday 2/2/2014 Fort Freemont

     It was a foggy morning in Port Royal SC - the fog didn't clear until about ten am.  The day started back at the fishery where I explored some abandoned warehouses and abandoned boats.  One thing about salt water - boats sink, and when they do the damage done quickly exceeds the value of the boat.  So rotting hulls are not at all uncommon to see.  Often the are marked with buoys to lessen their threat as navigational hazards.


     My host on Lady's Island, Pat, is working with some of her friends to start a small choir that goes to sing for people who are in hospice or otherwise in bad need of a bit of cheer.  

    After shooting a few photos for Pat, I was off to see the ruins of one of the big cannon batteries that made up Ft. Freemont.  The fort was built in the late 1800's as part of the defense system for the naval base on Parris Island.  The pits for the big cannon were huge.  The base was built in 1898 and the first reports of it being abandoned as a military installation were published in 1912.  It was turned into a quarantine center in the 1920's and abandoned since.  It really is a rather impressive complex - a few photos don't do it justice.

     It was dead low tide at sunset, so I was off to find a good location to shoot.  At low tide most of the marshes and creeks are empty, so you have to find places on deeper water.

I found a beach on St. Helena Island and was just getting ready to shoot when I ran into Jody Parks, her son, her sister and her boyfriend.  They were trying to get some photos of her posing at sunset with a cellphone camera, which is difficult at best to get any shots with perspective.  So I volunteered to shoot some shots for them and email them.  

      Tough duty, but somebody needed to do it.  I have shot portraits for a number of people before, but Jodi seemed to know exactly what look I wanted and knew how to fall right into it.  It turns out she has done a bit of modeling, appearing more than once on magazine covers like Maxim.  She also posed with her boy Chance, who was a bundle of energy and full of both questions and ideas.  

Then it was a few shots of sunset - and a beautiful setting the beach here is.

     I spent the end of the day trying to set up a few interviews with some interesting folks out here.  I am hoping tomorrow develops to be as neat a day as today.

     As a footnote, I was thinking about going out for three weeks on the deep sea fishing vessel I showed yesterday.  I am talking with a few people about it - my camera has started to develop some issues and will need to be replaced soon.  I will probably make a decision tomorrow.

Happy Monday !!

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