Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3/4/14 Parris Island

Parris Island; SC

     No story about the Port Royal islands is complete without talking about Parris Island.  The first mention of the area was in 1521 by a Spanish explorer, and on the spot this monument occupies were built two Spanish forts and another French one.  This marks the extreme northern edge of Spanish claims on the east coast of the United States.

Steve Price

      This is Steve Price, who works with the Parris Island Historical and Museum Society.  He is much more enthusiastic about his work than the photo would suggest.

     In 2004 he started a "Living History" program for incoming Marine recruits who have completed rifle training.  He focuses on history from World War I through the Vietnam war, teaching about evolution of equipment and techniques. 

     There is a lot of cool stuff in the museum, with displays showing weapons and equipment from the beginning of the Marine Corp's history through the present.  

     There is also an extensive collection of weapons and memorabilia seized from opponents.

    As for the base itself, there are lots of barracks, lots of bells, lots of flags, lots of marching and lots of yelling.

     Another thing there are a lot of - obstacles.  There are obstacle trails that run through the woods, there are obstacles in fields, beside dormitories - obstacles everywhere.

     I had myself all pumped up and ready to run the course - eyeing a possible record, when I read the following sign.

     Shoot, my hopes were dashed.  Anyway, the buildings are pretty much all red brick, and with the military function tops appearance.  Hence the utilities run above ground.

     A cynical piece on sand-fleas can be appreciated by anyone who has lived around the tidal marshes.  I have heard them referred to as "flying piranha."

     And, to keep my string of coastal golf courses that I have photographed alive, I was able to get to the golf course on the back side of the island and take a few shots.

    So, Semper Fidelis from the Marines in training at Parris Island in Port Royal Sound; SC.  And you'd best have a happy Thursday or I will send a few of 'em after you.

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