Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fighting an uphill battle? Meditation for 3/25/14

Dataw Island; SC

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”   – William James

“What you fight you strengthen, and what you resist persists.”  - Echart Tolle

     When something is a reality, such as an illness, a bad relationship, a venture doomed to decline or whatever, it remains a reality whether we allow ourselves to be aware of that fact or not.  We can only lie to ourselves for so long; truth has an incredibly persistent nature. Efforts spent glossing over an issue serve only to aggravate it and squander precious time and energy that could be utilized working on a solution.    
     If we surrender to what reality is rather than fighting to make reality fit our perceptions we free ourselves up our energies.  The word surrender here does not mean defeat or giving up – it simply means letting go of expectations we had about our future. It means that we choose to deliberately let go of the illusions we have of controlling things and work toward understanding the truth.  Certainly the wisdom of others that have traveled the same paths before us can give us some detachment and objectivity.  But ultimately it is a decision we make daily; hourly; minute by minute.  Do we choose to be aware and accept what “is” regardless of how distasteful it is or do we choose to obscure it in false hope and distraction?  Awareness is the door, acceptance is the key and faith gives us the courage to walk into an unknown we thought we had avoided.  Otherwise, any passing calamity has the ability to render us ineffective.

Today, may I live in solutions.  

Happy Tuesday !!

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