Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3/12/14 Storm Shutters

     I had intended to be back at Bray's Island today, but technical issues dictated otherwise.  My camera, a Canon Rebel, is a hobbyist's camera and the wear from constant use is telling.  In addition, wear on my phone will not allow it to recharge again, and replacing a cell phone is not a fun proposition.  But, I think I have patched the camera up well enough to get a bit more mileage out of it, and was able to buy a used cell phone for a decent price.

     So, without being able to take any photos today, I am using photos from a collection I have been working on.  Shutters are kind of neat - they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  When I grew up we had shutters on our house - but they were screwed to the house and I never realized that in some areas shutters served a purpose besides decoration.  So, all these shutters are of the functional variety.
     First, you have the big shutters where one shutter covers the whole window.

     Then, you have double shutters - usually on bay windows.

You have shutters in need of repair. . . 

some so badly they make you shudder.

Sometimes, the shutter is fine but it is the house that needs work.

     Then there are the color combinations..

..and unique hardware.

And finally, every once in a while you see some closed shutters. . 

I hope you find the textures and colors as cool as I do. I have been saving photos of old gas stations and unique grave stones as well. I hope I don't have too many technical challenge days though or I will quickly run out of collections. . .

Have an awesome Thursday !!

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