Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/20/14 Trolley Stop #5 & 6 - Lafayette Square

     When James Oglethorpe founded the Province of Georgia at Savannah in 1733, he banned four things.  Catholics, lawyers, hard liquor and slavery.  Catholics for sure are thriving - as evidenced by St. John the Baptist Cathedral, which is stop 5 on the trolley.

     I posted photos of the cathedral on Lafayette Square previously, but today being Easter Sunday and this being our next stop it seemed appropriate to return when the church was in action.  Here are shots from 4 am and 9 am. 

     The church holds three services on Easter morning, and the place was filled to overflow for all three.  The sanctuary was full well prior to the beginning of each mass, and hundreds left without entering.  Many more stood on the outside porch throughout the service.

     I found my way up to the choir loft and got a few photos before a fellow told me only musicians were allowed there.  I replied I am a musician, and he clarified that only musicians who play for the church are allowed.  There are four in the choir who stand up by the organ and sing.

     The high angle did allow a few good shots of the stained glass windows and a statue.

     There are a lot of folks trying to get in and get out between masses - it looked like someone stirred up an ant-hill as they would come boiling out.  It is an amazing structure architecturally, and well worth stopping by.  It is open to the public every day of the week.     

     Also on Lafayette Square is the Hamilton-Turner house, used by Walt Disney as the model for the Haunted Mansion.

     And trolley stop #6 is the Pirates House, which we covered previously.  That house on the left is the oldest standing structure in Georgia, and today is a part of the Pirate's House Restaurant where we explored the dungeon during the ghost tour.  

     Running alongside this restaurant is this irregularly cut fence.  I was told that early on folks believed that a fence made in this pattern warded off evil spirits.

     Remember Corey - the semi-retired Walt Disney animator that was playing the pirate at stop #1?  Tomorrow he takes the City of Savannah's test that is required if one is to be a tour guide here.  Every tour guide I have spoken with has said how tough it is - good luck to Corey on it.  I didn't recognize him today when he wasn't in costume !!

I hope you had a great Easter, and have a happy Monday !!

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