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4/29/14 Trolley Stop #15 - Cotton Sail Hotel

Trolley stop #15 - City Hall

     Today's trolley stop is back atop the hill that runs down to river street.  The city hall sits here, its dome resplendent with 5 lbs of Georgia gold that was donated by a local citizen.

     Here you will find a pair of cannon that were given as a gift to the city of Savannah by George Washington.  The cannon were captured from Cornwallis at Yorktown.  Locals still call them "George and Martha."  Martha couldn't make it on George's visit here, but she sent strict orders to the ladies of Savannah that there was no booze to be served at the parties while George was here.  The ladies made big bowls of punch, and various officers would pour in bottles of liquor while the ladies "weren't looking."  

     Trolley stop #15 is temporarily closed - construction work is going on in the spot that the trolley would usually stop.

     This is the reverse side of this row of old warehouses that sit along River Street.

     Under construction is the Cotton Sail Hotel, slated to open its doors for the first time a week from this writing.

     The hotel has been wrought from old warehouse space that has been refurbished over the last two eighteen months.  The property was purchased two years ago by brothers Kurt and Anil Patel, who then spent six months just in the planning and architecture stages of the complete remodel.

General Manager Inan Isik and owner Kurt Patel

Owner Anil Patel and construction foreman Ron Lassiter

     They are in good company here.  Next door is the Hyatt, and just across the river is the Westin.  The Patel's both said that working with the city was a good experience - everyone wanted an end product that both provided modern amenities and preserved the look and feel of historic Savannah.

Lobby of Hyatt

Westin Hotel

     In the basement, you can see the newly constructed elevator contrasting sharply with centuries old ballast stones that were used for the foundation.  You can also see brick work that was filled in years later.  You just never know what you are going to get into with one of these old properties.

    The whole roof had to be replaced as it was rotting in places and generally unstable.  But all of the roof beams were taken and milled into 17,000 square feet of flooring.  So in each room you tread on centuries old heart pine floors.

     The front was in complete disrepair also.  But it was all rebuilt, and it was modeled on the factor's walks further down River Street that we saw yesterday.

     Workers are finishing up last minute detail work to have the place ready to open this weekend coming.

Chantal Gloor

     Meanwhile, on the 5th floor - meaning the rooftop, Chantal Gloor is overseeing final details required to get the restaurant and lounge open.

     The views are great.  Notice below is the WWII memorial just below and the yacht that arrived today.

     A look the other way shows the commercial section of the river that we explored a few days ago.

     Handling commercial accounts for Old Savannah Tours is Mickey Minick.
Brett and Mickey Minick

     Old Savannah Tours develops relationships with local hotels whereby the provide transportation services for guests and the hotel recommends the company to its clients.  Mickey just landed this account, which will mean a lot for Old Savannah Tours.  With the trolley stop right outside their door, visitors will have quick and easy access to all of the trolley stops around town.

     Mickey started with Old Savannah Tours in 2001, but left for a few years to work with young men at the Bethesda Home for Boys.  Today, Mickey volunteers in prisons in an attempt to help those men transition back into society.

      Mickey son Brett also works with Old Savannah Tours.  He fills in where there is a need - ticket sales, dispatch - wherever there is an issue and someone needs to step in and get the job done.

     And today's parting shot is a piece of coral I saw in a shop window.  I liked the way it photographed in that position.

Happy Wednesday Everyone !!

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