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4/8/14 Disc Golf in Awendaw SC

Brooks Greer

     To many of us, the idea of playing the game of golf with a Frisbee would seem to be a fairly new concept.  However, the first accounts of a competitive game go back to the 1920’s, and organized “disc golf” leagues and tournaments emerged in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  With thousands of courses in the United States and many more in forty other countries, the sport has reached that “critical mass” point where there is currently an explosion of new courses.  In just the last two years, the Charleston area has gone from two courses to six – similar growth to what is happening nationwide with the sport.

     Brooks and Arthur Geer, owners of Sewee Outpost got hooked in Charlotte where well over a dozen disc golf courses are maintained by the state.  Upon returning, they laid out a course for their own enjoyment, using flower pots as targets.  Given the store’s focus on outdoor life in the lowcountry, it soon seemed natural to put in a course that could be enjoyed by many.  Harold Duvall and Zeb Campbell of Innova Corp. came to Charleston and designed a course for them, the course was put in, and now official “baskets” have replaced the flower pot targets.  A basket, the equivalent of a “hole” in “conventional” golf is vertical pole surrounded by two circles of chains that arrest the flight of a disc, allowing it to fall into a basket below.   

David Heyward

     Mount Pleasant SC resident David Heywood, professor at College of Charleston and disc golf enthusiast who showed me the ropes – or chains if you will.  There are a wide variety of discs - some for distance , some whose flight arcs to the left or right and some designed to fall easily into the basket.  Disc golf has its own unique terminology to refer to the numerous types of throws, but overall the rules and etiquette closely mirror those of “conventional” golf.  

Vanessa Chambers

     One of the local  Mount Pleasant residents is a two time WORLD disc golf champion, three time “woman disc golfer of the year”  and inductee in the Disc Golf Hall of Fame.  She is Vanessa Chambers, who along with her husband Coleman own Hunter Transportation based in Mount Pleasant.  Coleman, Vanessa and their two sons structure all of their vacations around disc golf courses, having played all over the United States, in Canada and Europe as well. 

     So, next time you are up toward Sewee Outpost, give Disc Golf a whirl.  “Greens fees” are $ 5.00 to play all day, the expense of discs to get started is minimal and you don’t have to wear those funny shoes.  You might just find yourself saying: “Under the magnolia tree, through the azalea bush, off the oak sapling, nothin’ but…. umm, basket!”  

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