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5/12/14 Isle of Hope; GA (Wormsloe)

Isle of Hope; GA

     Welcome to Isle of Hope; Georgia.  Here lies Wormsloe Plantation, which is currently owned and managed by the State of Georgia.  However, it seems that state parks in Georgia are closed on Monday.

     While taking pictures of the gate, I happened to meet Jason, one of the Rangers who helps operate the park.  

Ranger Jason

      Jason allowed me inside the gate, but couldn't let me go back onto the plantation.  This is a view down the road - at 2 miles long it is supposedly the longest known Avenue of Oaks in the world.

     There was a movie production crew from Los Angeles filming up the lane a ways.  They declined to say who or what they were working on, but couldn't order Jason to tell me to leave.  So they begrudgingly tolerated me taking some shots while they worked.

     The big round things they are holding are reflective surfaces used to direct sunlight where it is needed while they shot.  There is many a time I could use these.

     A monitor gives a live view of what they are shooting - another real handy thing.

     Their actress, heavily perfumed, was attracting swarms of sand fleas.  So between slaps and scratches they worked at their filming.

     The camera is mounted on a set of rails that allow it to move while they are shooting.

     After a number of scenes with the actress walking along the road, they filmed a scene with her driving along the road.  The guy on the hood had a-hold of the camera-man's belt to keep him in position to shoot.

     Just down the road is the town center of Isle of Hope.  It is characterized by block after block of white picket fences

     You have to love a neighborhood where the following houses sit side by side and both look like they fit perfectly.

     Much of the own runs along the Bull River, which empties into the Atlantic just to the north by Tybee Island.

     There is a buff of about fifteen feet, and it seems boat houses are all the style here.  Because the road runs right alongside the river, the houses each have a boathouse across the street.  Some match the houses, others have their own unique style.

     And here is one being rebuilt.  They went to great pains to save a few beams and pieces of siding from the old boathouse.  I wondered if it was to preserve a bit of history or to work around local zoning laws, but I couldn't find anyone to ask.

     Today's parting shot is of a flower I spotted along the way.  I have never seen a flower of this type. I did find a fellow to ask, and he said it is commonly called a "Bottle Brush Flower" or a "Passion Flower."  Neat looking plant.

Have a great Tuesday !!

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