Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5/6/14 canvas prints for the clinic, Dataw Island

Seabrook Island

     Some help from a couple of local frame shops and a few donations from some of you all has allowed me to print, frame and donate 39 photographs to the the clinic.  It consumed the better part of the last couple of days, and so I wanted to share how they came out with you.

Magnolia Plantation

Folly Beach

Isle of Palms

Seabrook Island

Folly Beach

Shem Creek

Breach Inlet

Sullivan's Island

Magnolia Gardens

Bull Island

Shem Creek

     Tonight finds us on Dataw Island.  The management of the island believes enough in what we are doing that they agreed to donate money toward establishing the foundation in exchange for a couple of days of shooting photographs.

     We will meet more of the people who live here over the next few days, but tonight I had enough time to shoot some decent photos of the old ruins.

    This was the Sams house, built of tabby in the 1780's.  The Sams were remarkably adaptable people, eventually becoming one of the most successful families in Beaufort.  Much like James Oglethorpe did a few miles south in Savannah, these folks tried many different plants to see what would grow on the sea islands of the Low Country.  They ended up establishing the first orange grove in the United States and played an instrumental role in the development of Sea Island Cotton, one of the most valuable crops ever grown in the United States.

     This is the old creamery.  A recessed floor held large slabs of ice that the Sams imported from the rivers of the north.  They were packed in sawdust to help insulate them.  This is the only known tabby structure in South Carolina with a portion of the original roof still intact.

     I am looking forward to a few days of creative photography.  The island has given me free reign, they have just said that they would like some good photos of the ruins, of croquet, of tennis, golf and a few of a new banquet room.  They are hoping for some "life-style" photos of people in action participating in the various forms of recreation that are available here.  I hope I can deliver, and also dig up a good story each day for the next couple of days.

Have an awesome Wednesday !!

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