Saturday, July 12, 2014

N. Litchfield, Murrells inlet intro 7/11/14

     Moving north on US 17 from Litchfield Beach, we reach North Litchfield.  This is a couple of miles of residential beach that looks to have been built in the fifties through the seventies.

Most everyone has their own walkway out to the beach

     And a few have the Hobie Cats at the ready to run out for a quick sail.

     There was one ocean-front mansion that really caught my eye - it utilized local plant life for its finishing touches.

     The white wildflowers are all about.  They grow on a vine though and are not clumped very close together.

     Residents that do not live on the ocean row have plenty of spots for easy beach access.  This is not a gated community, and it has a real good friendly neighborhood feel.

     Where else but a friendly neighborhood beach town do you find signs advertising a beach clean up effort by the local citizens?

     About another two miles up the road we find Murrells Inlet.  

     Murrells Inlet is a large tidal marsh with a small opening to the Atlantic between North Litchfield Beach and Garden City Beach to the North.

    It has that old town feel.  There is one of those hotels from the Holiday Inn era still open and operating.

      Want a bit of land overlooking the inlet?  Half acre, half million.  

     There is a commercial strip with boardwalk about a half mile long that sits on deep water.

     The businesses are all unique - it seems they either have  a real unique name or a real clever sign or both.

     Dead Dog Saloon - it had several signs that said the legend of the dead dog continues.  I will have to see if I can figure out what that is about.

This last one is a biker bar along the strip.

     I was informed that the name of the bar refers to the power cycle of a Harley motor.  Intake and compression, sparking the gas and the exhaust cycle.  Silly me - shoulda known that.

     The strip overlooks the inlet toward the strip of land that is the southern tip of Garden City.

     A community pier runs a good two hundred yards out over the water.

     At the ready are rows of jet skis and a thing called Banana Boats.  More on that another day.

     Kayaks and paddle boards about as well.

     There are also numerous commercial boats - some that look like they are for casual cruises around the sound. . . . 

 ...and some that look like nothing more than party barges.

     So tomorrow we will see if we can meet some locals. Until then, today's parting shot comes from the bathroom of Bubba's Love Shack - one of the bar/restaurants.

     Maybe we all could save a bit of money on mirrors...

Happy Saturday !!

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