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Pawleys Island SC 7/6/14

     As we head up the coast from Georgetown, we cut eastward much closer to the ocean.  In a distance of a few miles, the tidal marshes narrow from six and seven miles to less than a half mile wide.  We arrive at Pawleys Island SC.

      We start at Pawley's Island Country Club, which touches this marsh from the inland side.  This is a small gated community on the south end of town.

     Looking out from the golf course you can see the spit of land on the right that constitutes Pawley's Island proper.  The country club is a nice setting, featuring many live oaks and palmettos.

    On the back side of the country club you find the fresh water swamps with the cypress trees.

     Wildlife abounds.

     On up the road, we find the town of Pawley's Island.  It truly is a community in transition.  Myrtle beach, still about thirty miles to the north is expanding this direction.  The evidence of the changes in personality are obvious and plentiful.  Here is an old gas station...

     Right next door to this new strip mall.

     Here are remnants of an old house...

     ...right next door to this.

     Here is a general store...

     ...and a hotel.. door to this.

     There is a neat little shopping center in the middle of town called The Hammock.

      There is quite the eclectic collection of shops and eateries here.  Many of the buildings are historic old structures that have been move here to make way for construction in other areas.

     There are no big box places here - just a mix of little sole proprietor-ships like The Audoban Store.

     Owner Diane Rastello has been running this shop for 11 years now, but the center itself got its start over sixty years ago.

     From this vantage point, we can easily see the small spit of land that represents the beachfront properties.  This is Pawley's Island proper.

     The building below is both town hall and police station.  I assume they do not have much of a prisoner population here...

     A long pier adorns the seaward side of the island.  It says it is private and it is a $250 fine for trespassing, but the security guard readily granted me permission to go out on it.

     One end of the island is a bit thicker than the other - you are looking at a spot about six residences deep before you get to the marsh on the backside of the island.

     Being July 4th weekend, the sun worshipers are out in full force.

     The other half of the island though is maybe 200 yards wide.  The homes on the left in the photo overlook the beach.  On the right you can see the tidal creek.

     Talk about the best of both worlds.  You walk out your front door to the ocean and your back door to a dock where you can easily traverse calm waters into the inland rivers.

     I wouldn't want to guess what hurricane insurance here is - but this area has served as a summer residence mecca for wealthy Georgetown residents for a couple of centuries.  I really wouldn't want to be here in a storm though...

     Today's parting shot was taken while driving on US 17 through the inland portion of Pawleys.  

     Wow.  That is a whole new take on the limo service thing.

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