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Little River SC Waties Island 8/5/14

     The resort hi-rises of the Grand Strand end abruptly on the north end.

     There is a small tidal inlet named Hog Inlet, which once across we are on Waties Island SC.  About two thirds of this island belongs to Coastal Carolina University, who uses it for ecological experiments and marine science studies.

     Professor Ben Burroughs helped get us on this island today.  Ben is very knowledgeable on Horry County history, and was a big help when we visited Conway SC. 

 Professor Ben Burroughs

     Many ceramic artifacts from earlier American Indian cultures have been found on the island, and there are Indian mounds here.  The property was donated in 1995 by Anna T. Boyce, which now totals over 1100 acres/  50 acres were donated by the state of South Carolina, and the whole has been placed in a perpetual conservation easement.

     The other third of the island is privately owned, but can be visited.  For $100,  Inlet Point Plantation will take you on a 1 hour horse ride that includes a small stretch on the beach.  

     Just beyond Waties are the jetties that protect the inlet that leads to Little River.  It is a town centered on the marine life, containing several large marinas.

     By one of the marinas is a lighthouse, the northern-most one in the state.  This lighthouse was built with private funds in 1985 on Governor's Point and stands as a tribute to past and present governors of the state.     

     When I went to leave the Lighthouse Keepers Community this morning, I was first-hand evidence that in at least one instance the lighthouse failed to help someone with navigation.  About 500 yards from the point, neighbors awoke to find a car submerged in their water retention pond.

     Horry County Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene, and one of the fireman named Nick donned scuba gear to check the car out.  To the relief of everyone there were no bodies in the car.  After breaking out a couple of the windows, Nick hooked a large chain to the frame of the car.

     A local towing company then winched the car out.  Going over the rocks proved a bit difficult - at one point the chain let go with a grinding snap.

     The car was successfully removed and the floor mats and other trash that was floating about the pond retrieved.  Officers on the scene were pretty tight-lipped on details, but it turns out that someone who was "very disoriented" had been picked up in an adjoining neighborhood late last night.  I guess it was suspected or known that this individual was the car's owner.  It is a 25 mph zone and I can tell you that someone had to be moving pretty fast to make it clear into that pond.

     Up the road a bit in the old section of Little River, we find Pirates Treasure House.

     15 years ago, owners Dick and Linda Deegan were living in Boston Mass.  Dick was an electronics technician and Linda owned an educational toy store, but they craved a warmer climate and a change of pace. 

     Dick has been painting since childhood and had learned wood carving along the way.  So they had a small store and moved here to Little River.

     The place is reminiscent of Douglas Jones's Fish Art store that we visited on Tybee Island.  In the rear is Dick's shop and in the front is the retail store.

     When a portion of Little River's boardwalk was replaced, Dick was able to get a lot of the weather-beaten wood.  He also has been able to get some cypress trunks, and the result is a mixture of carving and painting in a number of unique ways.

     Outside are some totem poles and inside the store is packed with various keepsakes.

    A big seller is the Christmas themed carvings, but the best sellers overall are the whales.  The old wood yields a look that is pleasing to the eye.

     Numerous pained pieces of various shapes and sizes are available, and a large section is devoted to artwork from the Pacific Islands.

     Even crab trap buoys get in on the act.

     If you are visiting Little River, his shop is definitely worth stopping in.  

     I lost the photo of the boat we were out on yesterday, so here is a shot of it pulling out on a tour along with a couple more random shots from Little River.

     Today's parting shot was taken at Captain Juels Hurricane Restaurant -

    It reminds me a bit of the sign that says "Chocolate is a vegetable."

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