Friday, December 20, 2013

Ward Moon, Charleston Harbor

"Afloat Again" - Ward Moon's Boat on Charleston Harbor
Kev Downs at Ft. Moultrie
With Ward Moon at Cooper River Marina
     This is my first journal entry - and as I have been remiss this last six weeks on keeping the log, there is a lot to catch up on.  But for tonight, I am just going to review today with the intention of catching up over the weekend.  So any amazing things are happening it is becoming  blur, and not only do I not want to forget the details of this trip, I want to share them with those of you who know me well.

     Last night I photographed Kevin Downs, a good friend who is a counselor in Charleston.  He wanted a few shots for his web page.   I stayed last night at Lighthouse Church, and was up until 2 am editing photos of Kev and trundling my few belongings up the steps to the attic of the warehouse. 

     Up at five this morning, I met Ward Moon for sunrise.  He met me at Shem creek, where we put in one of his little boats and headed out to where he had anchored his bigger boat in the harbor.  I slept an hour in the boat (an amazingly comfortable bed in the aft bedroom) and when I awoke I found he had towed the small boat several miles up river and we were at the Cooper River Marina. A shower at the marina, then we cruised slowly back down the river, taking several side trips into creeks and looking at barges as we meandered the five or so miles back to Shem Creek.  I stopped by Coastal Expeditions to say good-bye to the staff there, and then headed back to Bluffton.  I made several side trips, out to Parris Island, Lady Island and Hunting Island, but the spirit to shoot photos just wasn’t in me today.  Was a good enough shoot this morning in Charleston Harbor.

     Monday morning I am heading out to Daufuskie Island to shoot the golf course at Bloody Point and to hopefully find a few cool people to interview.  But I have a lot of photo editing to do, articles to write and this log to catch up this weekend.  I am also going to try to get four photo shoots in on Colleton River Plantation before I leave Monday.  I am staying with a fellow I met here named Hank, details to follow on him.  Off to bed – I need to be set up to shoot by six thirty in the morning, and have a half hour drive to Colleton River.

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  1. Looking forward, very much, to reading about your days and adventures David - Safe & happy travels!!