Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday, December 21st 2013

Colleton River Plantation; Bluffton SC

     Decent day shooting pics- ran out of time before I could edit sunset's.  Posted pics are from the Pete Dye golf course in Colleton River Plantation.  A little better camera and that Osprey shot would have been a winner.  Lost my other lens cap today, am now using socks to put the lenses in.  Its a pain cleaning the lens each time, but it beats not having a camera.  

     I am having otter problems too.  The same lagoon as the ducks pictured above has a family of otters, but each time I circle the lagoon to try to get a shot - they circle to the other side of the marsh grass.  I otter call my buddy Chris Crolley the naturalist and see if he has suggestions - maybe putting sardines in my shoes or something.  Or maybe I can meet up with one of the Gullah witch doctors on Daufuskie Island next week and get him to give me a otter sight hex or something.  I really want a good pic of these otters - you never see good pics of them, and it is a prime opportunity if I can figure out how to get them in the clear.  A couple of hours of cat and mouse  gets tiring though.  

     Afternoon spent editing photos and working on computer issues, then went with some friends to a local club at dinner time.  I am staying with Hank Center for the weekend - I met him a week ago, and he let me use his house as he is in Florida.  I have over forty things to do on my list for tomorrow - leaving early Monday for Daufuskie Island.  They offered me a place rather than having to trundle out tents and what-not, so I am excited about that.  A local guy I met offered to boat me out Monday morning and bring me back when I am ready, so that saves having to deal with the ferry.

    All have a good night - I am out for a few hours, then committed to cook breakfast for some people across town at six am.


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