Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday 01/20/14 back to Daufuskie

     Left Seabrook Island @ 7:30 am and headed two and a half hours south to Hilton Head.  I interviewed Dr. Guy Annunziata, who has made great strides in advancing the cause of Neuro-Feedback on a nationwide scale.  I taped the interview, which was about an hour and a half and included a lot of information.  It will take a good while to review and write the article.  I didnt have time to shoot a good photo of him, so used one of his file photos.


     Then it took a few hours to get transportation out to Daufuskie Island arranged, as you can only get there by boat.  Haig Point, which is one of three resorts on the island, offers a ferry service and got me out here.  By the time I arrived and got situated it was twilight, and there wasn't much time to shoot.  The first photo is of the summer beach clubhouse on the tip of the island.  I am staying at Melrose Place, another of the three resorts.  

      Melrose place is in the midst of keeping up with maintenance on the sea-walls.  The seawalls are substantial - at least ten or twelve feet high.  Joe, a local contractor was working on the seawall as the sun set.  I thought I would start including a photo of where I am writing from each time I change location.  For the next two or three days it is one of the beach cabins on Melrose.  I am hoping that I can have enough time here to do the place justice - two days isnt enough, but we will see what develops.  

Melrose Place beach cabin

All have a great Tuesday !!

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