Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kiawah Photos

     It rained all morning, but I was able to shoot my first few shots on Kiawah just before sunset.  I had no time to scout for spots to shoot.  The full moon rose just before sunset, and there was a low lying mist hanging on the water.  There were no human footprints on the beach, but I spotted the ones below.  Some kind of big cat I think - my footprint is right beside it and I wear a size 12.  Bobcat I bet - but the place I was shooting is named "Cougar Point."  I would think cougar's feet are bigger, but that ain't no house cat !!

     This is the first black cormorant I have seen - cool markings.  They are usually a drab brown/grey color.  And the gator with the golf ball I thought was cool.

     High tide at sunrise tomorrow - not a huge tide but better than average.  I am going to try my hand at the first video.  Given my way of thinking, I would like to have video editing figured out by midnight tomorrow.  But I know it is a whole different world - very time intensive and very data intensive.  Hopefully I picked a good spot to shoot the first one - we will see !!

All have a great Wednesday.

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