Monday, January 13, 2014

Seabrook Island

     The day started with a great sunrise - I was a tiny bit late getting to the beach, and missed a few good false dawn shots.  But the sunrise was great.

     Not long after sunrise, I went to the other side of the island where that eagle hangs out - and I finally got a glimpse !!  Still don't have the albino deer and still have my otter problem, but got a shot of the eagle anyway.  

     It clouded up toward sunset, but I was able to get this bird (Coopers Hawk?  Need Chris Crolley on bird identification) and the deep blue twilight off the South end of Seabrook.  

     I got a email from Melrose Place and another from Haig Point that they may be able to put me up on Daufuskie.  I will just need to bring my tent and grub.  I think a full week out there will bring a lot more good shot opportunities plus some good article opportunities as well.

     No article last weekend - and this weekend I am going to take two days off for a men's retreat I have been planning to attend for some time.  I need the break - four hours of shooting a day, four hours of editing, a couple hours of writing meditations and journal plus a bit of time to take care of my personal needs and I am whupped every night.  Hopefully as time goes by I will get more proficient and find my voice a bit better.  I have several articles staged - I guess they will start coming weekend after this one coming.

     Seabrook has been good to me - I look forward to shooting a few of the golf course shots when the grass is in its spring or summer colors.  This time of year the rough is a bit drab.  Anyway, hope you had a great Monday and rest well tonight.


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