Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday 1/28/14 shell beach

     I have never seen a beach that is almost all sea shells before.  On the North end of Daufuskie Island at Haig Point, there is such a beach.  Where the waves pile them up there are huge mounds of shells.  Closer to the water it is about equal parts sand and shell.  I guess if one wants to go sea shell hunting you can't miss on this beach.  Not a good beach for bare feet though - some of those shells were pretty sharp.  It sounds like walking in a real crisp snow that has a frozen crust - crunch, crunch with every step.

     The deer on Daufuskie are a bit more skittish than other islands I have been on.  Here is my typical view of them:

     However, today I got a couple of shots a bit closer.  These are all the way in on a 300 mm lens - plus blown up and cropped.  They are a good 150 yards off.

     At night it is common to see them around the lagoons drinking.  Locals say it is also common for one of the big gators to snatch 'em.  There are stories of a big gator going after a golf cart and another that tried to take down a horse.  Then there is the story of the lady visiting from New York who wanted a picture of her dog with a gator.  She urged the dog over by it, the gator snatched the dog and the lady claimed she was going to sue the resort.  Good luck with that.

     There were a couple of birds that I thought were neat looking today - this fellow with the yellow wings caught my eye.  There also was a green one that I couldn't get a shot of, but I got a decent shot on another.  I don't know bird species very well - I just know little, medium, kinda big and huge.  These are the little to medium varieties.

     Well, a fifty degree temperature drop here in the last 24 hours.  I was invited to have dinner a ways down the island, and I drove the golf cart back on dirt roads in freezing rain.  I decided to try a short-cut, and I guess it worked out for the most part.  Careening down pitch black dirt roads might be fun another time, but it was a bit miserable. 

     Tomorrow, two interviews with islanders - I need to get the video camera ready tonight.  Both sound like interesting characters - we will see.

All have a great Wednesday !!

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