Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daufuskie Island 1/14/14

     A bit of freezing rain on Daufuskie this morning - not nearly as bad as those inland had it.  Something about frozen rain on Spanish Moss just doesn't look right....

     So, Nurse Pat who I wrote about the other day is quite the character.  Everyone has a "Pat story" or two.  One of the favorites is about Pat's run in with the law.  Pat has a garden at her house, and the plants are all potted in elevated pots so it is easier to care for them.  One day a while back Pat heard a helicopter flying low, so she stepped out and waved at them.  They kept circling her property, which was a bit odd, but eventually they flew off.  The next day the Sheriff came calling - it seems the helicopter was from the Drug Enforcement Agency, and they were convinced Pat was growing something more than vegetables.  So, Pat gave him the tour, then promptly put out the sign below - "Pat's Pot Farm." 

     Another sign at the community farm is asking for people to donate funds so a bathroom can be installed - and it asks for anyone who can to contribute to the "flush fund."  

     I interviewed three islanders today, each was a different and interesting perspective.  My interview style at the moment, if you call it a style, is to simply ask people how things got where they are, where they stand now and where they see them going.  One interview was with a man who has been a contractor on the island for twenty odd years, another with a woman who created a foundation dedicated to finding the balance between preservation of history, wildlife and ecological assets while promoting tourism and creating jobs.  

     The third was Aaron Crosby, a man who was involved in the resort development at the ground level and shared many of the stories of various successes, failures and visions.  It turns out his wife Jan is one of the first people I met on my arrival - the lady that helped make arrangements for the living quarters they provided me here.  After we got done with the interview they invited me to stay for dinner - so I guess my interviewing style isn't too obnoxious.

Aaron, Jan, Katharine and Jordan Crosby

     I have been recording all the interviews with camcorder and there will be a fascinating story emerge.  There are a couple of people left that I would like to interview - two living in Savannah GA and two here on the island.  I am leaving tomorrow so I may or may not get to interview the two on the island, but am going to make every attempt to catch the other two as I head down the east coast.  I finished editing photos early this morning and ended up with 260 or so shots I am giving them.  I hope they find good use for them.

     I forgot to take photos of the two people I interviewed earlier - I have to figure out how to remember that.  

     Not a good day for photos outside, but inside the restaurant at Bloody Point are a few hand-painted murals about five feet square each.  They are framed with oyster shell and depict some scenes in the island's history.


     Anyway, enough for today.  I am catching the ferry back to the mainland tomorrow afternoon, and will see where this journey heads next.

Happy Thursday all !

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