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Friday 2/7/2014 Network Neurology

Sunset on Charleston Harbor

     David, my friend from Bluffton who had the stroke and I drove to Charleston today to get him set up for appointments at Rusty's new clinic.  (You can read the article about Rusty's clinic by clicking Here.)  Also, since the clinic is now up and going, arrangements need to be made for Les to start treatments.  (You can read about Les by clicking Here.)  On our drive up, I got a phone call from P.J. from Seabrook Island to tell me that Mike Morris, the editor of the monthly SeaBrooker newspaper had done a two page spread about Rusty and the clinic and had included a bunch of photos I took on Seabrook.  Here is PJ and a picture of the newspaper's centerfold:

     What a great thing !  It made an awesome gift to give to Rusty and the other practitioners at the clinic later.  But first we stopped by to see Les in the nursing home and to talk with the nursing home staff about transportation for Les to and from his appointments at the clinic.  I had fully expected that we would have to constantly round up volunteers to get Les to the clinic twice a week, but the nursing home says they will be able to make transportation arrangements.  What a blessing.

David from Bluffton and Les & I at the nursing home

     Medical science tells us that a person who has suffered traumatic brain injury does not see improvement in condition after a year.  Well, Les is starting to show a number of small improvements - he is starting to remember his children's names and the names of his siblings along with a number of other meaningful improvements.  He has even started to shave himself !

    Well, on to the clinic.  Here is a street level photo of the new Network Neurology building at the corner of Tobias Gadson and Savage Roads in West Ashley SC.

     From vision to reality in a year - it is really amazing.  There are ten full time people on staff now, and it will be eleven in two weeks when another nurse practitioner comes on board.  From starting with basically nothing but a shell, the whole thing has been done in a really class manner.  Here are a few shots of the offices - there are numerous examining rooms and other offices throughout.

A chalkboard for kids to write on is going to cover the end wall

Then Rusty modeled his outfit he has for when he works with the children - a big part of the practice is pediatric neurology.

     Pretty cool to see a guy with all those initials and credits after his name that allows himself to be light-hearted about life.  Then it was a quick trip to Charleston Harbor to get a few shots of sunset from Fort Moultrie.  And an awesome sunset it was !!

     Then after a quick visit and dinner with some great friends in Mount Pleasant, it was back to Bluffton.  A very long but awesome day.  I hope you had one also - and that you have a 

Happy Saturday !!

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