Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday 2/6/2014 Bluffton fishery

Captain Sing

     I got a call from a friend in Bluffton who has had a stroke, so I headed south to see if I can help him for a few days.  This afternoon, I met Sing, who is pictured above.  Sing was the captain of a Vietnamese refueling vessel who supplied fuel to some of the American ships during the Vietnam War.  As such, when the US pulled out of Vietnam, he was able to leave and come to the States.  Since 1975, he has worked as a fisherman, oyster man, fisherman and lobstering.  He has spent over 35 years traveling from the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico clear around to New England each year, following the season and supporting himself by catching whatever he can.  His boat, which has no name, is behind him in the photo - a picture also follows.  

     I have never seen a cat with eyes of two different colors - this photo was on my video memory card and is Captain Cripp from St. Helena Island.  Thought this was kinda cool.

      Anyway, back to Bluffton.  The small fishery on the New River is built entirely on top of oyster shells.  It was difficult to get a picture that gives perspective on how large the heap is. 

     There was a heron there who let me get within a couple of feet for the last photo.  Just a few hundred yards up the bank of the river is the Church of the Cross, established on this site in 1767 and this church built in 1854.  It is in remarkably good condition for its age.  No one was there and no doors were unlocked, so I couldn't get any pictures inside.

     There are a number of antebellum homes on the river as well - how can you not love the huge porches on these old houses?  

     And to wrap it up for the day, a cool little boat house and what may be South Carolina's smallest library.  

     Tomorrow I am heading up with my friend to Rusty's clinic, and am going to be visiting and trying to make arrangements for Les to get transportation to and from the clinic and treatment at it.  I am in hopes that this works out ok - after all, Les's accident was what precipitated this trip to start with.

     So, all have a great Friday.  If you have feedback, please email me by clicking HERE., and if you can contribute a few bucks to help me get the foundation started and this journey completed to set up the fund-raising trip, please Click Here.  Thanks for your interest and support !!

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