Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday 2/17/14 Otters on the Broad River

Cole's Island; SC

     Those of you who have followed this journey for a while know about my "otter" problem.  I have spent hours chasing them around ponds and lagoons to no avail.  Having caught some fleeting glimpses of them earlier in the week on this creek, I set up shop this morning with nothing more than a faint hope of catching them on film.

     My companions this morning, Bob from Maine and two of Elizabeth's dogs, were equally enthusiastic about my odds.

     A dolphin broke the water right in the sun's reflection, making for a few neat shots.  It then cruised right by the dock, giving a great opportunity to get a shot giving perspective on size.

          With the Olympics in mind, a few ducks tried their webs at "synchronized water skiing."

     A red-bellied woodpecker provided some applause . . .

     And then, a snorting, wheezing sound broke the quiet - could it be?

     A pair rounded the bend in the river, and although they went under the surface well before they came to the dock, and stayed under until they were well past, I will take it !!  

     Now, if I could just find a manatee... Well, off to Beaufort tomorrow, it will be nice to have access to internet again.  All have a great Tuesday !!


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