Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday 2/18/2014 Fripp Island SC

     We are just passing the full moon stage, and although I don't have the equipment to shoot the moon well, I still can't help trying ...

     Today finds me at Fripp Island, a barrier island that fronts on the ocean.  This island was a private hunting island until the 60's, when a bridge was built out to it and it was developed.  Typical of the barrier islands, it is in a constant state of erosion on one end and sand deposits on the other.  This always has people scrambling to try to preserve their property, but ultimately, fighting nature on this scale just is a losing battle.  And as for hurricanes in this part of the world - it isn't a question of if one is going to hit you, it is a question of when.

The island has a large herd of deer who seemed very impressed with my photographic skills.

    I picked up some sort of cold, and have slept pretty much since yesterday noon.  It feels like it is breaking, but I am back drinking massive quantities of orange juice and back to sleep.  There is a 24 hour bug going around down here - perhaps it will pass soon.

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