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03/06/2014 Bull Island SC

Bull Island; SC

     Welcome to Bull Island SC, a federally protected island that is part of the 66,000 acre Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.  At 5000 acres, this island boasts the longest stretch of undeveloped beach on the eastern coast of the United States.  If you don't have a boat, the only way to access the island is by the Bull Island Ferry.

Chris Crolley

     Chris Crolley, owner of Coastal Expeditions owns and operates this ferry, along with kayak and paddle board rentals on several other local islands.  Chris also serves as a wilderness guide in remote areas all over the United States and Canada.

     Chris has a light-hearted yet intense nature, and has worked hard to be a good conservator of this land for a couple of decades now.  He is needed worse than ever - cutbacks by the federal government have reduced the number of people who oversee this tract of land from eight to four over the last few years.

     On its back-side, the island overlooks miles of coastal estuary, which serves as the incubator of the many of the species of aquatic life that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean.  On its front side lies pristine beach - full of shells and sea life.  

     The interior of the island is coastal hardwood forest, complete with fresh water lagoons and plenty of alligators.  277 species of birds have been cataloged here, and a whole host of mammals call this home.  This is one of the few spots you can see a marsh mink.

     The area is desperate for volunteers to work with the Fish and Wildlife folks.  Regarding the issue with the cutbacks for National Parks, it was recently said by Sally Jewell, the head of the Department of the Interior, that not too long ago volunteerism in parks determined the margin of excellence.  Now it determines their margin of survival.

     One end of the island is eroding, as sea islands do.  This makes an interesting jumble of dead trees that are actively being weathered by the sea winds and waters. It makes for some interesting photos.

     Because immediately inland lies the huge John Pennekamp National Forest, this area represents some of the cleanest air and water of any spot in the United States.

    And since there is almost no human presence, beach-combing is the best that can be found.  There is no end of sea creatures and other marine items that can be found lying about the beaches.

     Tomorrow sees me trying to get access to a few points of interest surrounding Yemmassee SC.  I hope you had a good Thursday, and have a 

Happy Friday !!

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