Sunday, March 9, 2014

3/8/14 Sheldon SC

Yemassee SC

     After three days of downpour, we have some nice weather coming.  I have moved inland to the Yemassee / Sheldon area of SC - the upper reaches of the tidal rivers where the old rice plantations were.  As is the case with any new area, it takes a few days to get acclimated.  In this area there are old plantations all over the maps, but almost everything is tightly gated private clubs and estates.

     I found Harold's Country Club with no problem though.

     This is the land of the "Avenue of Oaks;"  the old live-oak lined lanes that led up to the old plantation houses.

     I did meet Maluwa, an African national who is in the United States to record an album of her music.  She is staying at a nearby African village, which I am supposed to visit tomorrow with her.  Together we walked a few miles down an abandoned railroad trestle, and found our way to an old estate.  No one was there, so we didn't venture too far onto the grounds.  But from the age of the oaks and the number of chimneys coming out of the house it looks to be an early 1700's dwelling that has been extensively remodeled.

     Dogwoods and Cherry trees are starting to bloom, and there were a few other flowers and bushes just starting.

     That's the first bee I have seen this year - nestled up under that flower.  Later, I went to the ruins of the old Sheldon Church.  This church was originally built in 1745 and was burned by the British in the Revolutionary War.  It was rebuilt in the 1820's but was dismantled by freed slaves after the Civil War.

     It has an old hand-pump water well that works.  Sunset was nice to see - this was shot off of one of the bridges going onto Port Royal Island.


All have a great Sunday !!

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