Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3/17/14 Savannah GA - St. Patrick's Day

     Ahhh.... Georgia on my mind, and what better way for us to get started on the Georgia coast than St. Patrick's Day in Savannah?

   They have been having a St. Patrick's Day celebration here for 190 years - that's right - two centuries.  And with all that practice, they know how to get it right.  They had better - upwards of 400,000 people visit here each year just for this celebration, which this year lasted for 11 days.  This is second in size only to New York City.

     There are certain things you need to pull off a proper St. Patrick's Day parade.  First, you need a few dignitaries.

Then you need beads and baubles - lots of 'em.

     Then, you need a large supply of women willing to put ridiculous amounts of lipstick on and make sure every parade participant has several kiss marks on their body - usually their face.

     This particular fellow is part of a large group of fire-fighters from Boca Raton Florida that marched in the parade.  But there are some younger boys in the parade, and they weren't always sure whether they should look proud or annoyed when they got kissed..

     But back to the needs - you need a supply of drummer boys....

     And of course you need a few pirates...

     Now, that second fellow is a man after my own heart.  He had the most lip-stick marks on him of anyone in the parade.  He was a dancin' and swingin' his hips like nobody's business.

     No parade would be complete without some hillbillies. . .

     And a beauty queen.  You've got to have a beauty queen....

     Throw in a few flamboyant fellows and you are well on your way ....

     Join me tomorrow for part II of the Savannah Parade characters.  I hope you had a great Monday, and even if you didn't, you still can...

Have an awesome Tuesday !!

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