Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3/18/2014 The people of the parade - Savannah GA

Savannah GA

     One of the most enjoyable things about a parade is watching the people  And one of the great things about having a camera is you have more time to look and reflect upon what you have seen.  When I am going through and editing photos I always wonder - where has this person been and where are they going?

     There are some various groups of people - those that take the dignified approach to the whole thing . . . 

     ..and those that are not so concerned with appearances.

    You have participants working very hard to fill their role as they see it . .

     ... and those whose role they play to the hilt.

     You have folks that you have no idea what they are thinking..

..some you are not sure you would want to know. . . 

..and some that seem completely comfortable in their own skin.

     There are those that take their dressing up duties seriously . . .

and those that are just out having a blast with their closest friends.

  The parade secretary and I hijacked someone to take a photo - "McSweeney" is his name.

     I am told the city has special rules for the festival every year - the bars are open 22 hours of the day.  They close at 4 am to 6 am to clean, and that is the same time all the DUI roadblocks are fully set up.  Normally there are no liquor sales here on Sunday, but they passed a special law to allow it on the Sundays affected by the festival.

    I hope you enjoyed some glimpses of the folks at the St. Patrick's Day Parade - tomorrow I am going to try to find a story or two on Tybee Island.  

Until then, have a great Wednesday !!

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