Friday, May 16, 2014

5/15/14 Print order to fund the foundation

Will Green

     So I said last night that I got good news and left Skidaway Island.  I got a call from Will Green, the owner of Old Savannah Tours.  He wants to help us get the foundation set up, and so he ordered framed canvas prints for three of his locations.

     I went to the three locations and measured the spots for prints.  We then selected prints and I headed back to Charleston to fill the order.  The great thing about this is that it, combined with some money Dataw Island gave me for photographing for them, gives me the money to file the paperwork with the government to start the foundation.  

     The name of the foundation is going to be the "More for Less Foundation."  I will give more details as it unfolds, but the important thing is that it is getting underway and that down the road all of our contributions will become tax deductible.

     And the name "More for Less?"  That was suggested by Chris Crolley a good while back.  It refers to the guy whose accident started this journey in the first place - Dr. Les Neville.

     I stopped by to see Les for a bit on my way into Charleston.  He is still in the nursing home on John's Island.  I can clearly see the marked improvements in him, but now he is struggling a bit because he is starting to realize his situation.  He does not have much interaction as it is a low-end nursing home and he is mostly surrounded by folks who are incapacitated for one reason or another.  So he is getting a bit testy - and although I hate to see him go through it I see it as a good sign that he is becoming more aware of his circumstances and wants things to change.  Les never was patient with the status quo, and perhaps this personality trait will prove to be what pulls him through this in the long run.  But for now, this place is the only option available to him.  If you can spare a bit of time and are close to John's Island, please consider stopping in and either chatting with him or reading to him a bit.  Nursing homes are not the most desirable places, but I assure you that you will come away with a strong feeling of gratitude for blessings you may currently be taking for granted.

     So a mad-house day, chasing down foam-core to mount prints on, canvas to print on and getting framing supplies lined up for the job.  A lot of these pictures have never been printed before, so it has been fun seeing them for the first time.     

     This print run is 173 square feet of canvas, the largest print run I have ever done.  Above you can see them coming off the printer.  The printer started running at 5 pm yesterday, and it has just finished printing.  (It is 3:30 am)  This print shop is a beehive during the daytime, so the only time I can use the facilities is at night. 

     Here are a few quick shots of the prints as they are mounted.

     So it is going to be a busy next two weeks with many details to sort through and decisions to make.  Please bear with me as this is a crucial stage of this journey.   I will do my best to still deliver some good content each day, but I won't have near the time that I usually take to put together the journal entries.

     The parting shot today was take up by the frame shop.  This is near the air base where the big cargo jets fly out.  A photograph can't do them justice - you just look at them hanging in the sky and know that there is no earthly way a monster like that can leave the earth.

Happy Friday !!

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