Sunday, May 18, 2014

5/18/14 Prints for the clinic, Mike Dussel - Charleston SC

Folly Beach Pier

     Thanks for bearing with me the last two days all.  If you missed the last journal entry, I returned to Charleston to fill a big print order.  Also, a few local donations allowed me to fill in some holes on the clinic walls.

     These are all going into the clinic -  I was able to print and frame 12 more for a total of 52 photos that are now printed, framed and hanging on the walls at Network Neurology.  The first one is of the Folly Pier on one of those mornings that sunrise was surreal.

     Here is the battery in downtown Charleston

     This is the largest one for the clinic this run - this is Daufuskie Island looking toward Hilton Head at sunrise.

     Shrimp boat at Port Royal

     Haig Point on Daufuskie Island

     And this recent one from Wormsloe Plantation at Isle of Hope, Georgia

     A pier on St. Helena Island

     And this one from three weeks ago at Magnolia Plantation.

     The 52 framed prints now in the clinic depict scenes from Bull Island in Awendaw SC to Skidaway Island in Georgia, which are the two coastal edges of what is called The Low Country.  There is nothing further north or south - just boundary to boundary.  If you get the chance to poke around the clinic some day you will have to let me know what you think.

     And by the way, the clinic is doing amazing things with some stroke patients, epilepsy patients and traumatic brain injury.  There is going to be a big push forward with autism patients - this may well turn into the first hope that autistic people have had of finding a "normal" life.  Stay tuned - the next couple of years are going to be amazing.  My role in this saga is becoming much better defined, and I will share all that in detail later this week.

     One of the things that helped the costs this print run is that my printer, Mike Dussel who owns Blue Wave Print in Charleston and his wife Becky just bought a house and I traded some labor for a big discount on printing.  The house they bought was out of foreclosure, and the guy who owned it did a lot of damage before he was evicted.

     There were hardwood floors throughout the house and a hardwood staircase.  The guy took a chain saw and cut every step tread, and then carved profanities in the floor of every room. 

      Well, it worked out for Mike and Becky because they got a good deal on the house.  I helped tear out floors.  What a shame to throw away such a beautiful hardwood floor - but there is nothing else to be done.

     The biggest part of the print order has to be delivered to Savannah and all the pieces hung tomorrow.  Then I am not sure if I am heading on to Atlanta to meet with several clinics there or if I am going to head further along south along the coast.  I know the next two weeks are going to be hectic as details are fleshed out regarding the board of directors and the federal paperwork for the foundation, but it will all come together as it should.

     Today's parting shot is what has been home for the last three days - the back room of the print shop.  I am very grateful to Mike for allowing me access and giving me such a good deal on printing for the images we have donated to the clinic.  

Have a great Monday all !!

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