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5/19/14 David Warren, Prints for Old Savannah Tours

David Warren

     Meet David Warren, Director of Marketing at Dataw Island.  He was who lined up a condo to use while I was shooting photos on Dataw the week before last.  He shared a fascinating story with me today - one of those stories that gives me inspiration for what I am doing and much hope for the generations coming along behind us.

David Warren Jr.

    His son, David Jr, was inspired by his aunt's mission visit to Ghana in 2002.  They filled her suitcase with items that they thought might be useful to the people she was visiting.  The gift that had the most immediate impact were simple reading glasses.  

     David Jr., as a college student, took it upon himself to set up a foundation to deliver reading glasses to folks in various parts of the world.  He recruited other college age friends of his who called themselves "visionaries."  They set up a 501c-3 foundation and even set up a web page to help facilitate donations.  He worked to get grants from educational facilities as well.  Mind you - this is all in his spare time as a college student.

     David Jr. then devoted his summer vacations to this work, and in 2010 he and his friends delivered over 1,000 pairs of glasses throughout rural South America.  David Jr. relates the surprise that registers on these folks face when they look through reading glasses for the first time.  At first they can't believe it, and then when they realize that they are being given the glasses they are amazed.  Artists can again paint, carve and sculpt - those that can read can again enjoy literature  - and for all their day to day lives are improved.

     This fellow is the chief of a village, and supposedly folks from far and wide line up each day to come before him with their problems.  One at a time, all day long, he listens to them and helps resolve their conflicts.  He is sure to carry an even more Solomon type presence with this sporty pair of glasses.

    David negotiated a deal with a reading glass importer where he is able to buy pairs of glasses for around fifty cents.  Thus, he can tell donors that their $100 delivers 100 pairs of glasses - all expenses included.  I didn't get to meet David Jr., but I have high hopes that I will be able to in the future.  

     I was able to deliver to David Sr. this print, taken at the entryway to Dataw today as a thank-you for the invite to photograph Dataw.  

     Then it was on to Savannah, where I was able to complete most of the job for Old Savannah Tours.  Here are the places that I hung photos today.  The first two are before and after shots at the Welcome Center.

     And here are before and afters of another section of the Welcome Center.

     Here is one that went up in the Visitor's Center.

    Here is a big one in Group Sales - this is almost 7 feet wide by 3 feet high.  

     And a final one for the Group Sales Center.

     One of the big stories in Savannah that we didn't cover is SCAD - Savannah College of Art and Design.  Behind the Welcome Center is one of their buildings.  Isn't that neat below this old bridge?

     And today's parting shot is one of many billboards in Charleston, South Carolina carrying this advertisement for Crisis Ministries.

     Now, I certainly am not slighting the difficult plight of many homeless folks.  But I have to chuckle every time I drive by one.  I have been homeless for six months now, and I have never known such freedom and peace.  I work hard on the road, and although I am tired every night I am far from being tired of the road.

    Tomorrow I am going to lay out a plan for the next few months, then it is on to Atlanta for a few days.  

Have an awesome Tuesday!!

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