Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday 12/22/13

Colleton River Plantation; First donor to foundation

     I was talking with a local (Hilton Head, SC) doctor about the fundraiser I am doing to drive this cure for epilepsy.  We were talking in detail about how the Neuro-Feedback works.  The fellow pictured above overheard the conversation and approached me privately later.  He handed me a check for ten dollars, and said that his intuition told him that if we found this cure for epilepsy, we could help people like him too.  He is severely bi-polar and relies upon heavy medications just to function daily.

    Misty morning here - some good shots on Colleton River.  I am packed to go by boat to Daufuskie Island tomorrow morning - and am not sure how long I will be there.  Hopefully I can find a good interview or two for articles and get some good shots off of the golf course there.  I am told I will be able to access internet - I hope so!!

     Helped cook breakfast for about forty folks at a local club in Hilton Head this morning, then went and helped set up the church service for a local Unity Church.  After helping them break down, I returned and interviewed by phone (2nd interview) a fellow named Muni who will be the second article - coming next weekend.  What an awesome interview - a fascinating man.  I have great articles in the pipeline, and hope to keep meeting these fascinating people.  You all are going to love these articles !!

     Have a great day all - hope for some good shots tomorrow.


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