Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday 12/24/2013

Eroded beach, 400 year old ruins and a house that raised 7 children on Daufuskie Island; SC

     I have found myself on Daufuskie Island, where I had assumed I would be pitching camp.  But the owner of the Bloody Point Golf Resort here put me up in a lodge on the Atlantic – and they are closed for the holiday.  So I am here with this beautiful golf course and beach to myself for the holiday.  I shot photographs for the first several hours of the day, then rode around with Charlie, one of the employees at the club.
He introduced me to “Ricky” – a life-long resident of Daufuskie.  Pictured above is the house in which Ricky and his six siblings were raise.  Ricky had just picked some oranges from one of his orange trees, and he shared them along with some stories of folks that live on the island.

     Pat Conroy is an author who got his start with a book entitled “The water is wide,” which recounted his experiences as the first white and first male teacher in the black school on the island.  More details to follow, but there is a lot of quaint history here.  The island has no police,  but the Beaufort County Sheriff visits once every few weeks or so for a day.  There seems to be very little or no crime.  The island has approximately 300 residents in the winter, but with the summer the population may swell to over a thousand.  The island is roughly 5 miles long by two miles wide.

     The times I have walked on the beach, my footprints are the only ones besides deer and coyote prints.  Horse-shoe crab shells litter the beach along with the usual sea shells.  It is a beautiful place.

     Got some decent shots tonight – looking forward to shooting Christmas sunrise in the morning.  Merry Christmas all.


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