Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday 12.25.2013

Hilton Head from Daufuskie Island, beach access and Daufuskie critters

     It was a chilly and brisk breeze blowing off the Atlantic all day.  I started the morning riding down dirt paths in the dark to get to the other side of the island for sunrise photos.  I was told the golf cart had a range of about fifty miles on a charge, and after two days use, the charge meter still indicated a full charge.  Well, once it came off full it plummeted.  I turned off the headlights and used a flashlight, which was interesting as I cruised along in the dark and about every two hundred yards a deer would bound out of the way.  The flashlight would freeze them temporarily, so I was constantly having to slow down and move the light off into the trees.

     Some decent scenes presented themselves at sunrise, and  I was able to find a cabin with the electricity on so that I could recharge the batteries enough to make it back to where I am quartered.  Clouds moved in and the wind picked up, so none of the lagoons had the still water needed for good quality shots.  I have this huge place to myself – right on the ocean.  It is a bit surreal, but I know there will be many times I have to camp in places that are not so desirable, so I will carry the gratitude for this experience with me.

     Cell phone coverage is very spotty, but I can drive the golf cart (through the dark on dirt roads) a couple of miles up closer to the cell phone tower tonight to try to make a few Christmas calls.  I thought about seeking out some of the other islanders to have some company today, but decided against it and just spent time shooting some wildlife photos and walking the beach.  Today, I am blessed, and I am so grateful that I am at a point in my life that I am present enough to fully appreciate the blessings as they come.  I no longer have a problem with solitude – an amazing transformation as I used to be alone in a crowd.  I pray that I may continue to remain firmly grounded in the moment as the trip progresses.

     I am giving the golf course copies of the better photos I take in exchange for my keep.  I have taken about twelve hundred shots over the last two and a half days, and will shoot at least that many more over the next couple of days.  I am hoping to give them about fifty useful pictures, and since it takes five to ten minutes per photo to edit I have at least twelve hours of editing in front of me, as well as two articles for the Moultrie News with deadlines of Friday.  So, at least I know what I am supposed to be doing and have the tools to get it done.  I hope all had a good Christmas day.


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