Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday 12/26/13

Pictures are:  Bloody Point golf clubhouse, Daufuskie House, Daufuskie ferry boat, Bloody Point marina {house in background is the southern-most point in SC} 

    I started the day with a photo shoot at Bloody Point, and was in hopes of staying through Sunday.  Victor, from Hilton Head who was my transportation out and back could only pick me up Thursday or Sunday.  I spent the rest of the morning editing photos for the golf course.  I had spoken with the owner, Brian McCarthy by phone, who is a self-made man in the floral business.  His son came out to the island around noon, and was kind and accommodating enough, as was Patrick the pro and manager.  But they claimed the lodge was rented for the weekend.  I gave them fifty solid photos of the course which will look great on their website or as framed prints.  I don’t have much substance for an article about the place, but may try to write one anyway.  

     I decided to take the golf cart on the beach to get some photos, and it worked great for a while.  But I hit some soft sand, and it took me better than an hour to dig it back out.  I washed the cart after and left it on the recharger for the course.  I am very grateful for the use of it as without it many of the photos I took would have been impossible to get to in such a short time.  As it was, it was raining or overcast about eighty percent of my time on the island.

     The real story about Daufuskie Island is about the three golf courses there – Haig Point, Melrose and Bloody Point.  Each has a very unique story.  These places contrast with the indigenous population, a very eclectic bunch of folks.  I hope to write about Daufuskie someday, but it will take another visit when I can interview more people.  Christmas day was a bad time to try to be interviewing people.  But I was able to spend the holiday in a gorgeous lodge in an incredible place – the solitude was great.

     So I called Victor.  He owns a yogurt shop in Hilton Head, and he called his mother to come stand in for him while he picked me up.  (about a four hour operation)  We had to stop for gas at a small place on Daufuskie and still arrived back in Hilton Head on fumes.  We met “Mom” at the yogurt shop, and I offered to take some family portrait photos on Sunday – I hope it works out.

    So back to Bluffton, where I spent the night at Hank’s, an interesting character about whom I will write more later.  I am off to finish shooting photos at Colleton River this morning, and I am excited about that.  It is a beautiful place, and they have been kind to give me the access that they are.

All have a great day

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