Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday 12/30/2013

A Neuro-therapy session, a fox squirrel and two views of twilight on the Colleton River; Bluffton SC

    Rain finally breaking a bit here in the Hilton Head SC area.  The fellow I ran into at the dumpster yesterday took me along to a doctor’s appointment today.  It seems he has had a stroke and is undergoing brain-wave therapy in order to gain access again to some of the stroke damaged areas of his brain.

     It was my first time watching a QEEG, and the lady who was handling it for him seemed quite competent.  In fact, she has a pretty cool background, so I am going to return tomorrow morning and interview her for an article.  She actually runs a satellite office in Bluffton for a Dr. on Hilton Head, so I called his office and set an appointment to interview him on the 14th of January. 

     It is coming time for me to move on, and I am not sure if I should head south to Savannah or head back north a bit to the Beaufort area.  I missed a lot in the Beaufort area – there are a lot of coastal parks and botanical gardens, plus some old plantations that look cool.  I have been trying to get into an uber-exclusive golf course to photograph for a couple of months now and no luck yet.  I guess when the time comes to pull out of Hilton Head later tomorrow or on New Year’s Day the guidance will be there as to which direction I am supposed to go.

     Did a final photo shoot at Colleton River tonight – some of the pics are above.  I have to finish editing them and get discs ready to give to the media and marketing director tomorrow.  So lots to get done in the AM.  Ciao for now.


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