Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday 12/28/13

Colleton River, Wood Stork and Red Cross Volunteer Jessica from Savannah

     The morning was clear here in Hilton Head and I got a good shoot in at Colleton River.  I got in there promising to give them copies of photos, but I got so many good ones I have about twelve hours of editing. (selecting, cropping, getting contrast right, adding my signature)  I put in about six hours of it today, another six tomorrow should see it done.  It started raining mid-afternoon, and is still drizzling a bit. 

     Hank is the fellow’s name who allowed me to use his den as my headquarters the last two weeks.  He is a good guy – always doing for others even though they often take advantage of him.  I went to the grocery and got food to cook a good meal tonight to thank him, and decided to drop in and give blood at a red - cross bus in the parking lot.  They gave me a free tee-shirt for doing so, and a bit later I met a homeless guy who said he could use the shirt.  Anyway, Jessica from Savannah, pictured above, was one of the Red Cross people who did the bloodletting.  She was quite charming and is pretty photogenic also.

I asked a guy at the golf course today where the best place to get photos of bald eagles is, and he said there are hundreds at the Jasper County Landfill.  I guess I knew they are scavengers.  Maybe it’s worth a try if I really want some bald eagle pics – I can just pretend they are the pristine creature we try to make them out to be.  Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird – I guess he knew that.

     It is time for me to move on, and I can see that is going to be an ongoing battle with myself.  I find those coincidences that are beyond the bounds of chance (miracles) when I am vulnerable and willing to fully surrender my will and seek guidance.  But after a week or two in a location, I have developed so many new friends that I get a “sense of security” going.  My ego wants to cling to the known rather than risk the unknown of the next move to new territory.  It is time for me to move on though, and I am hoping for clear direction tomorrow as to whether I should go to Savannah or somewhere else. 
     The article I posted tonight on the main site will run on New Year’s Day in the Moultrie News.  Sully Witte, the editor there, has been an awesome help with getting articles published, etc.  I feel odd writing about myself, but did the best I could. 

     It’s after midnight, and I volunteered to help cook breakfast for about forty people at a local club.  So off to bed with me.

All have a great Sunday

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