Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday 12/27/2013

All are Colleton River Plantation from today, with the last one being a real bad lie for the golfer.  (yellow ball)

     Was exhausted upon return from Daufuskie Island, so I crashed last night at eight and was up at three to write the meditation.  A fellow here named Hank is putting me up until I leave for Savannah, probably Monday.  I went to Colleton River Plantation for sunrise then visited some friends for an hour at lunch.

     I finished the article on Rusty today – that has been in the works for two weeks.  I think it came out ok – there is never enough space to tell all that needs told.  I also got the final draft on the article about me done – it is never easy to write about one’s self.  For me it isn't anyway.

     Back to Colleton for an evening shoot – and amazing shoot it was.  I had felt a strong urge to return in spite of the fact that I am way behind on emails and contact lists.  Clouds moved in on the horizon, so I am standing out on this point wondering why I was moved to come here to shoot sunset.

     Just as I am about to leave, a huge heron lands about fifteen feet from me.  I thought maybe it hadn't seen me as I was standing still and heron usually will not allow me closer than a hundred and fifty feet or so.  But he just calmly looked at me.  So I laid down on the ground and changed lenses, and shot an amazing batch of pictures and kept talking to him the whole time.  He would occasionally cock his head at me as though he understood what I was saying.  A small hole in the clouds appeared and he stayed still while I crawled around to get his head in the bright spot.  I cannot figure out what is hanging from his neck though.

     Anyway, I kept talking he kept posing.  I finally moved off, and it stayed put, probably roosting for the night there.  It was an amazing half hour or so. 

     Back to Colleton in the morning early – I would like to wrap up out there by Monday.  But there is so much to shoot there – like Daufuskie I could spend a month shooting there and not get the same picture twice.

Warmest regards, have a great Saturday all.

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