Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday 1/11/2014

Seabrook Island SC foggy sunrise

     Today started with a heavy fog.  I went out at sunrise to the North Beach on Seabrook and shot this in about three feet of water looking back at the dunes.  Cold water - but worth the shot. Mine were the only footprints on the beach.

     Then it was an hour drive north to Mount Pleasant for breakfast with two dear friends John and Mike.

     After breakfast I picked up Frank and we walked a long pier on Shem Creek in the fog, then headed over to Patriot's Point.  From these two different angles I was able to shoot very different perspectives on a dredge.  The dredge is there to clear accumulated mud and silt from the bottom of the creek so that the commercial shrimp boats can better navigate.  

The two angles make the boat look completely 
different.  It was neat to watch the big freighter slip out of the fog behind it, and in the stillness of the fog their horns almost seem to rattle your breast-bone.

     A quote from the Charleston Paper by Chris Crolley:

"It's unsightly. It's noisy," said Chris Crolley, of Coastal Expeditions outfitters, which has its main shop on the creek. The last time the dredging was done, he said, the creek looked like a weird field of brown flowers with the muddy bottom trash floating about. Crolley said clean-up should be part of the work.
"After you make dinner you have to do the dishes," he said.
The slower winter months are the best time to do the work, Crolley said.
(file photo of Chris Crolley)     
     Then Frank and I got a few shots of some of the birds hunting on Patriot's Point Links.  The birds were all lined up at the end of a culvert snatching mud minnows as they emerged into the lagoon.  The egret would flip them into the air when it caught them.  Looks like it would take a lot of them to make a meal for this guy !!  The picture of the three different species together is kinda cool too I think - a Snowy Egret (in front with yellow feet) a Pelican and a Great Egret. 

     Then back to Kiawah / Seabrook where I only have one more day to shoot on Seabrook an then hopefully have a couple of days the weather cooperates on Kiawah.  I am looking forward to both.

Happy Saturday - all have a great Sunday

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