Friday, January 10, 2014

Seabrook Island 3

Seabrook Island  

      What a beautiful creature the night heron is !!  Light was low for the wood stork shot - it was dark by all standards.  And the egret had just been in a fight  -  the feathers on his beak are from the other bird.  Also pictured are some Seabrook Island guys putting in new bunkers on the golf course.  They dig out the bunkers, put a drain in the bottom, then line the bunker with a couple of inches of gravel.  They then spray a polymer on the gravel that binds the gravel together in a sheet - but still allows water to percolate.  The net result is a layer of gravel under the sand that is glued together but acts as a direct channel for water to drain to the base.  Fishing is PJ - my host on Seabrook and a man I am coming to respect and admire.

     I shot out at the Seabrook Golf course today - probably Sunday will be my last shoot there.  I have a 12 foot ladder strapped vertically in the golf bag bin, and every once in a while I forget about low hanging branches.  No disasters yet, but it may just be a matter of time . . .

    Went fishing with PJ and we both had bites from sizable spot-tail bass.  One we got almost to the shore and it wriggled loose in the reeds.  But it was a great time.  There was a weird rainbow sort of thing develop in the distance - no rain so not a  rainbow, and too big to be a sun-dog.  The sky was all dark behind us - it was the weirdest thing.  Here is a picture of that - 

     Anyway, tomorrow looks like rain for sure, so I am going to drive back up to Charleston for a half day to visit some friends.  I will post an article tomorrow - don't have one written yet tonight.  I have two that are staged - one about a synesthete and one about a woman and her son who worked together to overcome the son's ADD issues.

Anyway, to help me on this journey, Click Here.  (and I can really use the help.)  To contact me directly, Click Here.  And whatever you do, have a great weekend !!


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