Monday, January 13, 2014

Seabrook Island 2

Les Neville and I

     The highlight of the day was seeing Les at the nursing home on John's Island.  I am hopeful for positive things with him.  After all, he is why I got started on this journey !!


     I found a few wood storks feeding today - the one had just caught a fish in the first photo.  Usually Wood Storks winter in South America - I am not sure why these few stayed here.  Perhaps they are juveniles and the migration is about breeding.  They are big birds - wing span seven to eight feet easily.  I liked the photo of the two together - they look like the Wood Stork Blue's Brothers or something.

     On the trip inland I passed this church with its van enclosed in a fence in the middle of a field.  I shared this about five years ago - I get such a kick out of the photo.  "In God We Trust...."  I have always thought the caption should be.

     And finally, a shot of my rig for shooting.  I borrowed the golf cart from Seabrook Island Club and the ladder from Seabrook Island Property Owners Association.  Every once in a while I forget to watch for overhanging branches - no disasters yet though!!

     High tide at sunset tonight - I am hoping for a good shot somewhere.  All have a great Monday !!


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