Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wednesday 1/1/14 Dan in Bluffton

My oldest brother Dan, David Russell, Melrose place seawall on Daufuskie Island

     Two days of steady rain here in the Hilton Head SC area.  I have been unable to get out for fresh photos, but have some to share from the recent trip to Daufuskie Island.

     The highlight of the day was a phone call that came in about two o’clock.  My oldest brother Dan was heading down 1-95 on an unexpected trip from Ohio to the Orlando area of Florida.  So we were able to meet at a Cracker Barrel restaurant by the highway and spend a couple of hours together.  It was the only contact I had with family this holiday and it was a very enjoyable thing.

     Also, David Russell of Bluffton took it upon himself to buy a new video camera complete with tripods for me to use on the trip.  It is a loan until I can afford one, and I intend to put it to good use.  I am envisioning filming the few minutes of sunrise and sunset from various places while I am doing my regular photo shoots and then sharing the videos with the meditations.  And I find myself doing regular interviews for articles, so perhaps I can use the video camera to record interviews rather than dealing with trying to take notes.  Going back and forth taking notes often makes me lose my train of thought and it inhibits the free flow of information and ideas that is so important when having good discourse.

So a good portion of the day was spent reading the owner’s manual on this new Canon video recorder.  I am amazed at how far they have come since I last had a video camera – twenty years ago.  Have a great Thursday, and hopefully within a week I can bring you some good video.


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