Friday, January 3, 2014

Thursday 1/2/14

Dianne Kosto, misc Daufuskie Island scenes

     Four days straight of steady rain.  Supposed to clear tomorrow, but drop to freezing.  Freezing isn't so bad compared to what those of you further north are dealing with though.  

    I interviewed Dianne Kosto and her son today - fascinating interview and very emotional.  She is a neuro-feedback technician who got involved after her son had been kicked out of numerous schools and she tried it as a last resort.  It worked - his issue all along had been that he could not concentrate and acting out was the only way to "save face."  The two of them sat with me and discussed his upbringing (he just turned 16) and it was apparent to me that even if the article I write doesnt come out good, the two of them benefited greatly from having a forum to be able to express how they each viewed the last ten years.

     Computer problems to overcome, camera issues - cleaning lenses and all that rainy day stuff going on here.  I hope to get some new pics tomorrow and also hope to post my first video.  I have two articles to write and a lot of other stuff to get done, so I can only hope everything cooperates....

Happy Friday all, lets make it a great one.

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