Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday 1/3/14

Chechessee River behind the Pete Dye golf course at Colleton River, Spanish moss crews

    The first day of no rain for three days, but the winds were heavy.  I have sympathy to those of you in northern climes who are dealing with two feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures, but Hilton Head SC has its problems too.  The temperature has plummeted to thirty, and quite a problem has developed with the winds.  Large clumps of Spanish moss have fallen everywhere.  Now further north, everyone expects unsightly patches of snow, ice and mud as winter drags on.  But here, such things are unbecoming to the ambiance and charm all have come to expect.  So crews are dispatched to deal with the moss problem.  Pictured above are Alvin and Henry bravely and diligently working to deal with this issue.

     Two good photo shoots – both sunrise and sunset yielded some good shots.  I was on the Chechessee river shooting sunrise on the Colleton Plantation, and on the Colleton River side at sunset.  There were some awesome twilight shots that I have to edit yet.  Also, I took my first stab at video, and it was pretty awful but I am going to start sharing them as well.  I know nothing at this point about video editing, but have downloaded a program and am reading about it.  Bear with me while I cut my teeth on the videos.

    I am struggling to write an article that I want to come out well – the first article of the weekend will be out a bit late Saturday.  It is very difficult to put into context a tradition that is 3,500 years old – and being limited to 500 words for the newspaper articles forces me to be very specific and somewhat limited in scope.

All have a great weekend !!

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