Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday 1/4/14

The "Calibogue" passing Hilton Head, Haig Point ferry boats and Colleton River

     With the exception of giving a friend a ride from the Haig Point Ferry landing, the day was spent entirely on editing photos, making progress on editing and publishing video and writing the article on Muni.

    I spent six hours reviewing web pages and looking through notes from 2 interviews to write the article.  It is one of those articles I really care about - well, I care about them all, but Muni struck me as very genuine.  He has a powerful presence, and is a quiet yet intense man.  When we meet, he would start our meeting with an ancient sanskrit prayer which sounded a lot more like a melody.  His answers to questions were always measured and precise and I could only fit about one twentieth of the information I got from him in the article.  The Moultrie News limits me to 500 words, and so every word counts in trying to convey some measure of the depth of the topic.

     I am tired tonight, and thinking of going to help cook breakfast at a local shelter and then attending a Unitarian church.  I have never been to one, but I keep being drawn to them.  I know virtually nothing about them besides the little I have read online.

     I am waiting for a call from Haig Point to see if I can get back out to Daufuskie Island and take photographs on their golf course.  While at Bloody Point I was able to just get glimpses of Haig, and it looks to have as much personality as Bulls Bay or Colleton River.  If it doesnt work out, I may go back upcoast a bit to photograph Hunting Island and that area and try to get into Kiawah and Seabrook Island's courses to shoot.  

Night all, and have a great Sunday.

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