Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday 1/5/14

Colleton River Plantation

The satellite pictures show that the cloud cover and rain is going to continue for another week.  I am hoping for a few breaks in it to get some decent landscape photos.  I guess if it is overcast I can start trying to go to some museums or other places with interesting things inside to share photos.  It hasn't been my thing so far, but I guess I might need to adapt.

     At the Unitarian Church I attended this morning they announced that there would be a funeral this afternoon.  I read a single sheet hand-out about the life of the man who had passed, and had a feeling I should attend.  Of course, a couple of hours later I was looking at the list of things that I need to get accomplished and wondering if I should go.  But the feeling had been strong, so I went anyway.

     Well, it didn't take long at the service to know that I was exactly where I should be.  The man who died had touched many lives.  Not knowing anyone, I was able to observe closely and in a detached manner the things that many folks shared about him.  He was a retired professor of sociology, and as such it seems that he was very attuned to creating social groups about himself.  He had so many people who he made feel that they were a part of his life, and he was quite involved in helping others continue to learn regardless of their age.  He created numerous circles of people around himself of differing backgrounds.  All said that while he was always approachable, you always knew exactly where he stood on matters of principle. He was a painter, a builder, a writer, a philosopher and many other things.  But most of all he was human, and he realized and embraced his human experience.  And when he learned that he would soon die and he thus wanted to sum up his finds in his pursuit of understanding?  He stated that were he to learn the truth he would let go of it because the search itself was so meaningful.  I sat tonight for a couple of hours trying to write a meditation that encapsulates the experience, and I ended up with two half-written meditations (to add to the many hundreds I have not finished before.)  Perhaps I can write early after sleeping a bit on the experience.  But if nothing else, it just goes to reinforce that following our intuition is crucial, even though it is so easy to discredit and doubt soon after we receive it.  

      Last night was a brief window in the overcast skies – but at least the temperatures are rising.  Hopefully I will know before noon if I am returning to Daufuskie Island or if some other destination awaits.

Have a great day

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