Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monday 1/6/14

Colleton River Sunset

Started the day with no idea how things were going to go – just knew though that it was time to move along.  Wasn't sure if Haig Point on Daufuskie Island was going to have me out, if I was going to move on down to Savannah or what.  Then got an email from Kiawah Island saying they would love to have me come shoot.  So, a bit of back-tracking on the trip, but to shoot Kiawah?  That will open many doors along the way.  So I called Seabrook Island and they are open to me shooting there as well. 

So I cleaned up the place I was staying at (Thanks so much David Russell) and called an old friend who lives on Seabrook – (Thanks so much PJ !!)  So it is too cold to shoot in the morning, but I am ready to shoot a new area.  I loved Colleton, but was running out of shots for the time of year and the tide patterns. 

So you all sick of Colleton River yet?  This is second time shooting this dock.  The wind was howling – if you look at the flag-stick in the pic you can see it, and I was on an exposed point.  Wasn’t going to try video on this shoot – there is no way the tripod would have stayed standing !!  Tonight is the coldest I have seen in my 14 years on the South Carolina coast.

Had to go to the neighbors house and stand on their dock to get the pic.  I didn’t think anyone was home but after I got done shooting I saw the lights come on and someone walking about inside.  Guess it was too cold for em to bother saying anything – or they figured any guy so crazy as to lay down on their dock at twenty degrees in a howling wind to get a photo wasn't worth messing with.

Really pumped for Kiawah !!  if there is any cooperation with the weather, I know we will have some cool shots coming.
Happy Tuesday all

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